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Residential locksmith

There can be many reasons why you might need a locksmith, some examples like:


  • Unlock your door

  • Replace a broken key

  • Replace a faulty lock

  • Change the key that works for your locks for a new one (rekey)

  • Fix a lock that wont function properly


Even though locks don't represent a problem and rarely fail, let's not forget there is about 2million homes in Maricopa county alone, there is people needing constant assistance with lockouts, lock replacements and much more.


We know you've tried to fix the problem before calling a locksmith, who wants to spend extra hard-earned money on an unexpected problem? Unfortunately, these types of things are unpredictable, or maybe it was foreseeable but you were just waiting until it was time to address the issue.


You might be asking:


  • How fast can a locksmith come out to me?

  • Who's the nearest locksmith?

  • How much do they charge?

  • Willl there be any damage?

All these questions have variables, not because you see a location near you means all the technicians are there, they may be outside assisting other people, call around and ask for ETA. Ask for a rough estimate over the phone by describing the issue, it's hard to provide a final price since we don't know what lock we are dealing with or how long it will take.

Lastly, there is no damage at all in most cases, locksmiths must be careful and make sure every item as they were before and after service, we'd recommend asking the locksmith company for insurance and bond.


Once you've tried everything, there's nothing left to do but to call your local locksmith to get you out of this at your own convenience, and if you choose to call Key & Lock solutions, you hit the nail since we are fully equipped and ready to provide any residential locksmith service with the fastest time response in the Valley.


We enjoy to get people back on track as fast as we can with the best service and price possible, rest assured you're in good hands with us.

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