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Locked out or lost your keys?

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Automotive locksmith

There are many reasons why an automotive locksmith service needs to be available at all time:

  • You might have lost your key

  • You're locked out

  • Your lock or key stopped working


This can happen at any time of the day, when you least expect it.


A real mobile locksmith is able to unlock your vehicle, provide a key replacement or a lock replacement, and if you've been trying to figure it out by yourself but had no success, it might be time to call the pros.

The process of cutting and programming a new key or fixing a lock is tricky and can take a bit of patience until its fully working. Only licensed professionals are able to complete these tasks with the proper tools like lock picking tools, decoders, key programmers and of course, the correct key for the vehicle.

Some cars are harder to work on than others, all european cars are more difficult since there's a risk of bricking the BCM when programming a key. National and Asian cars are less difficult to work on, but that doesn't mean they're a piece of cake, each has its own system and process.

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The benefits of calling a mobile locksmith in these cases are:


  • You skip the dealer

  • You skip the towing truck

  • Get emergency assistance

  • They work with your insurance to get you covered.

  • Task is done the same day


Don't hesitate, our technicians are waiting for your call. You'll have the best experience with us since our staff is professional and friendly, communication is key when performing these services so you can understand whats going on at all times.

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